• Self Portrait on Metal
  • Gathering Together
  • What's So Great About Red
  • Savanah
  • All Pinned Together
  • Floral Transfer on Wood Panel
  • Color Is Fun
Self Portrait on Metal1 Gathering Together2 What's So Great About Red3 Savanah4 All Pinned Together5 Floral Transfer on Wood Panel6 Color Is Fun7

As a painter my primary focus is on texture and color.

"As a Water Media Artist, Mary Alice's life experiences and everyday visions get filtered through her artistic eye, and transformed into an abstract body of work.

There is joy and passion . . adventure and reflection.

Her expressions come forth in a myriad of techniques - a pour on paper, a pour of colors manipulated on paper, or by layers of brush strokes; a collage, or an assemblage.

And always the amazing color and texture and dimension.  And always the feeling of motion or intensity or serenity.  And always, the intrigue.. the surprise that brings glitter to her eye when you find them.

Her paintings will move you, ground you, and uplift you."

Nancy Markoe
Nancy Markoe Gallery
St. Pete Beach, Florida