About the Artist


I make my home in St. Petersburg, Florida and spend some time in Pisgah Forest, North Carolina. I work in mixed water media, collage, and assemblages.  After graduation from Florida State University I taught art in the public school system in Hillsborough County and in the early 1960's became an art consultant for the Cherry Creek School District in the Denver, Colorado area.  In 1991 and '92 President of the Florida Watercolor Society and served on the Society's Executive Board until 1998.  I was the Director of the Kanuga Watercolor Workshops for 17 years, held at the Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville, North Carolina.  I was invited to be the guest editor for the special issue: Experimental Approaches to Watermedia of the American Artist Magazine - Watercolor 2001 Winter. Mary Alice was recently featured in the Acrylic Magazine, Summer 2014 edition "Freedom Reigns:Beauty Results," 

I now teach workshops throughout the United States, in experimental water media painting and collage for intermediate and advanced painters, consults on workshops, lectures, serves as juror in national, state and regional water media exhibitions.  My workshops involve new concepts and ideas.  The goal in teaching is to introduce students to creative textural surfaces by experimenting on various papers and combining different media.  I hope to inspire each student to make a unique visual personal statement.

Bachelor of Science in Art Education and Fine Art 1955 - Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

Graduate Studies:
University of Colorado, 1960 Boulder, CO
University of Southern Colorado, 1962 Pueblo, CO

Elected or Signature Memberships:
Florida Watercolor Society - Signature Membership
Florida Artists', Inc. - Elected
Georgia Watercolor Society - Signature Membership
Kentucky Watercolor Society - Signature Membership
National Watercolor Society - Signature Membership
Society of Experimental Artists - Signature Membership
National Acrylic Painters Association, USA - Signature Membership
National Association of Women Artists, Inc. - Elected
Rocky Mountain Watermedia National - Signature Membership
Society of Layerists in Multi–Media - Elected

Juried Exhibitions:
National Association of Women Artists/FL
ISAP-FL 2015
Watermedia, 2003
American Watercolor Society, 1984
Montana Watercolor Society's National Watermedia Exhibition, 1985 and '87
Georgia National Watercolor Exhibition, 7th - 13th, and 16th
National Watercolor Oklahoma, 1986
Rocky Mountain National Exhibition, 1987, 1997, 2007 - 2011
Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors, 1987 - 90, 1995, '97
San Diego Watercolor Society International Exhibition, 11th, 12th, 33rd
Kentucky National Watercolor Society, Aqueous 1989, 90, '95
National Watercolor Society 1991, '92, '94, '97, '04
National Watercolor Society Signature Exhibition, 1992, '93, '94
International Society of Experimental Artists, 1992, '93, '99, 2013
Western Colorado Annual National, 1993, '95
Arizona Aqueous National Watermedia, 1994, '96, '97, '98
Watercolor West Annual Exhibition XXVI, XXVII (1994 and '95)
Artist Magazine (all media) 1993 Art Competition
171 Annual Exhibition National Academy of Design 1996
Annual National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic 1996, 2010
National Acrylic Painters Association Exhibition 1996, '97, '99, 2003
North East Watercolor Society National Exhibition, 1996
International Fine Arts All Media Juried Exhibition, 1996
Taos National Exhibition of American Watercolor Ill, 1997, '98
13th Annual National Collage Society, 1997
2nd Annual Signature American Watercolor Exhibition, 2011

Regional and State Exhibitions:
Florida Watercolor Society, 1981 - 84, 1986, '87, 1981 - 91, 1993 - 95, '99, '03
Southeastern Watercolor Ill and VIII, (1990 and '95)
Southern Watercolor Society 10th, 1gth 21st Annual
Thomasville Open Annual Exhibition, Thomasville Art Guild

Awards & Traveling Shows:
National Association of Women Artists/FL  3rd Place Award 2014
ArtGally Internet Exhibition Best of Show 2003
International Artists Magazine Award of Still Life and Florals 2003 (Selected for new book of 100 best)
Watermedia 2003/Special Exhibition of Florida Watercolor Society , 1st Place Award
Midwest Watercolor Society: Members and V.P. Award, Dale Meyers Cooper
Medallion Award of Excellence
Florida Watercolor Society: Certificate of Excellence Awarded by Holbein Art Materials, lnc.'87
Winsor & Newton Award, '95; Watercolor Societies Award, '99
Georgia Watercolor Society: Alice Lockerman Oldham Award 1988
Traveling Show '88,'89, '91,'98 Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors
William Kowasky Memorial Award, 1988
Florence and H. Samuel Slater Memorial and Traveling Show, '95
Kentucky Watercolor Society, 16th Annual National Exhibition, 1993
Traveling Show Tubac Center of the Arts 10th Annual Watermedia Exhibition, Aqueous 1995, 1997
Special Recognition Award in 1995
North East Watercolor Society Abstract Award, 1996
National Acrylic Painters Association Exhibition 1996, 2nd place Daler Rowney Award
Thomasville Arts Guild, Honorable Mention Award, 1997.
13th Annual National Collage Society, Luczywo Award 1997
Rockport Publishers Award of Distinction for the inclusions in Creative Inspirations 1997
International Society of Experimental Artists, 8th Annual Juried Exhibition
Joseph Miller & Merit Award, '99
International San Diego Watercolor Exhibition 2011, Donna Kieselbach Award
International Society of Acrylics-FL2011, 2012, 2013, 2015

Fall 2002 edition of Watercolor, American Artist magazine (article by Beth Paterson)
How Did You Paint That? 100 Ways to Paint StIll Life & Florals, International Artist Publisher, 2003
Artists of Florida, Volume land II (Cover of Volume II)
Watercolor 1990, American Artist Magazine
Understanding Transparent Watercolors, by Gerald F. Brommer, Watson-Guptil Publication
Collage Techniques, by Gerald F. Brommer, Watson-Guptill Publication (2 paintings)
The Artistic Touch (Books 1,2 & 3) By Christine Unwin
Creative Watercolor ... A Step-by-Step Guide & Showcase, By Mary Ann Beckwith, Rockport
Publishers, Inc.
Best of Acrylic Painting, Juried by Lynn Leon Loscutoff & Alfred Milton Duca, Rockport Publishers, Inc. (5 paintings)
Creative Inspirations, Rockport Publishers (5 paintings)
Watercolor Magic 1998 Winter, Artist Magazine
Gallery of Marine Art 1998 Rockport Publishers
The Best of Drawing and Sketching 1998 Rockport Publishers
Invited Co-Editor with Stephen Doherty of the Winter 2001 edition of Watercolor, American Artist magazine:
Creative Watercolor Workshop, by Mark E. Mehaffey, AWS, NWS, Northlight Publication, 2005

Watercolor Society of Alabama Annual National Exhibition, 2006
Northern Arizona Watercolor Society Exhibition, 2004
Suncoast Watercolor Society Watermedia Show, 2003
Longboat Key watercolor Society All Media Exhibition, 2003
Gold Coast Watercolor Society, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 2003
National Acrylic Painters Association Exhibition, 2002
Associated Artists of Southport National Exhibition, 2001
Montana Watercolor Society National Exhibition, 2001
South Carolina State Fair, October, 1999
Friends of the Arts and Sciences, Inc., Juried Workshop Exhibition, January 1996
Beach Art League Transparent Watercolor Show, Indian Rocks Beach, FL, 1996
Gold Coast Watercolor Society, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 1996
Tallahassee Watercolor Tn-State Exhibition, 1994
Tallahassee Watercolor Society's Members' Exhibition, 1992
Palm Beach Watercolor Society's 10th Exhibition
Suntan Art Center, St. Petersburg Beach, Members' Watercolor Exhibition
Georgia Watercolor Society's 10th Members Exhibition

First Florida Bank, Kissimmee, FL (7 paintings)
Barnett Bank of Florida, Tampa and St. Petersburg
Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc. St. Petersburg, FL
Merrill Lynch, St. Petersburg, FL
At Home Designs, David Harrison, Tierra Verde, FL
Modulus Designs, Inc., New York, NY
Hon. Irene Sullivan, St. Petersburg, Fl
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar C. Duke, Ill, Winter Springs, FL
Mr. Thomas Shelton, St. Petersburg, FL
Nancy Markoe, St. Pete. Beach, Fl
Jo Carol 'Joey" Peters, St. Pete. Beach, Fl
Judith Roales, Treasure Island, Fl
David Harrison, Boston, MA
Mrs. David Schoonmaker, Lloyd Harbor, NY
Dr. Steve Garrell, Spartanburg, SC
Ms. Sylvia Frazier, Tampa, Fl
Drs. David & Jane Nunnelly, Petersburg, Fl
Ms. Lynn Williams, Brevard, NC
Mrs Betty Cartlidge, Apopka, FL
Florida State University Fine Arts Museum Permanent Collections, Tallahassee, FL

In addition to the business and professional collections, Mary Alice's paintings are enjoyed
and cherished by private collectors throughout the United States and Canada.
Mary Alice Braukman's work is represented in Rita Gould's Gallery, Art on 1st,
and the Morean Arts Center, St Petersburg, FL

I was the Guest Editor of the Fall 2001 issue of Watercolor an American Artists magazine. 
The material will cover what is happening in mixed water media across the country.  These
36 artists selected will continued to be featured through out the 2001 year of publications.